“I stumbled upon a link to the single Mums survival guide website on one of those all too familiar days that can be common for single mums who are just surviving. I felt dark and unhappy and wondered if I would ever be able to feel any joy in my life again. I looked at the picture of the lady with the warm smile and thought “She looks happy, I will give her a go”.  I sent an email and arranged a telephone call with Vivienne.  I then decided that I would like to arrange sessions with Vivienne.   Vivienne has a range of gentle and heartfelt therapies that have helped me to discover that I actually did have the resources within me that would help me on the pathway to a brighter and happier future.  Vivienne has kindly given me the relevant coaching; I always had my life implements at my finger tips, I just needed some training on how to use them.”    Amy from Sussex