Help and support for single mums

About Vivienne

Vivienne Smith, The Single Mum's Survival Guide

Vivienne Smith is a writer, trainer, presenter, transformational coach, and certified NLP and hypnosis practitioner. Her experiences as a single mum (and conversations with other single mothers) prompted Vivienne to write a book about the subject. Vivienne has turned her journey into an opportunity to help others get through similar challenges. Through her books, coaching, online courses, free seminars and blogs, Vivienne provides support for single mums everywhere.


Parenting Support

“I work with single mums who are struggling to come to terms with the break-up and deal with the daily challenges of going it alone. 

I help them release the sadness and bitterness and regain their confidence and composure so they can minimise conflict in co-parenting, enjoy their children and take the first steps to build a happy new life.

Here’s to: not just surviving, but thriving!”  

Popular Questions*

  • How do I tell the kids?
  • How do I get over this split and move on?
  • Why is my child behaving like this and what should I do about it?
  • How will I feel when my kids meet his new girlfriend?
  • How do I deal with all the legal stuff?
  • How can I manage on this little money?
  • How can I have more energy when I’m so tired all the time?
  • Is it OK to ask for help—and who can I ask?
  • Can I ever forgive my ex?

* The answers to many of these questions can be found in my book and online courses, or through 1:1 coaching with me.